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Our focus is to prepare students for careers in Fashion Design, Pattern Drafting, Garment Construction, Tailoring, Merchandising/Buying, and Entrepreneurship

“Our Students Create Designs, We Create Designers.”

Program Overview The Certificate Program prepares students for the fast paced fashion industry. It provides training in ready to wear or street wear fashions. Our emphasis in the first 8 months is to explore designing from the basic level, finding inspiration through historical studies, proportion and

Program Overview After completing the Certificate of Fashion Design program students may enter the Diploma program. During the Diploma program students are prepared to produce custom apparel for a select clientele as well as keep up with their broader target markets. Through higher end techniques and

Program Overview This new post-secondary program is exclusive to Saskatchewan’s Fashion Design School. In consultation with former First Nations Students we have developed the only Canadian program which focuses solely on the diverse traditional clothing of First Nations people. Join this 4-month

Program Overview After completing the First Nations Cultural Sewing program, Students can take an additional 4 months of Native Designing. Students will learn how to sew and design basic modern garments using traditional influences in their work. More than a sewing program, students will also learn how

The Academy of Fashion Design also offers specialized training in specific areas of the Fashion Industry. The specialized option was developed to let the student choose what areas of study to further their knowledge. Alongside our Professional Instructors, students will develop a ciriculum that suits the

Welcome to the Academy of Fashion Design's Evening and Weekend Courses. Please continue to check back as we will be updating the classes regularly. For more information on these or any other Academy of Fashion Design's courses contact us through our contact page and on social media. If you have any

Located in Beautiful Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, the Academy of Fashion Design has been in operation since 1997 and focuses solely on teaching students the fundamentals of garment construction, Pattern Making, Textiles, Illustration, Design Principles, and Business Skills for the Fashion Industry. We are very proud of maintaining a small school environment where each and every one of our students receives individual attention.

We are the only post-secondary institute for Fashion Design in Saskatchewan and have recently been designated to accept International Students. The school as well as all of its programs are approved and regulated by the Government of Saskatchewan.

Welcome to our new site! Out with the old, in with the new!

As Fashion Designers and Instructors we know that the only thing constant in fashion and education is change. And change we must! Our Website had to change also.

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Academy of Fashion Design is a two year course to prepare students for careers in Fashion Design, Pattern Drafting, Tailoring, Merchandising/Buying, & Entrepreneurship in the Fashion or Garment Industry. Students in the Certificate Program are introduced to Principles of Design, Garment Construction, Pattern Drafting, Textiles, Fashion Communication, History/Designers, and

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